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Metal Re-Roofing

Metal Re-Roofing Applications

If your existing metal panels are in need of repair or replacement due to deterioration, leakage or a lack of insulation there are a couple options to consider for your re-roof:
Option (1) – Apply new insulation and new metal roof panels over the top of existing panels. This is a good option to prevent existing business interruption.
Option (2) – Remove and replace the existing roof panels which allows you to take advantage of adding new or additional insulation.

Going over the existing roof with a new metal roof is a great option when the impact of a tear off affects an existing businesses production. This option can save up to 70% on labor costs! The new roof design would include installation of die cut brackets made from 16 gauge steel with a height of 3/8” to ½” above the existing panel profile. The Patented Engineered brackets, referred to as “Roof Huggers”, are designed to go over the existing panel ribs, attach to existing steel roof purlins and support the new metal panels. The standard depth of the Roof Huggers for commercial R panel profiles is approximately 2” but can vary deeper up to 8” depending on the customer needs for additional, thicker insulation. Holes are pre-punched for fasteners to attach to existing roofs purlins. Additional weight added to the roof is approximately 2 lbs per sq foot which includes the new panel, roof huggers and fasteners.

Metal Roofing Panels

Benefits of the Roof Hugger System

  • Up to 70% labor savings
  • Additional insulation saves on energy costs
  • No business interruption or shut down
  • Allows for transition to a Standing Seam Roof
  • Only standard tools and fasteners required
  • Original design loads are maintained

Replacement of Existing Metal Roof Option

If you remove your existing metal roof panels and basically start over, there are many options that can be added to the roof performance. First of all many buildings have little or no roof insulation and or it is old, dirty with the white facing torn. Replacing the insulation and increasing the R-value is a great option that is available with a roof replacement. Other options may include upgrading the roof type to a more commercial type such as standing seam or high Rib R panels, adding thermal blocks, gutters, closures and fasteners to help insure tight seals and a leak proof performance. Steel Roof Panels Customer service can help price the options you choose.

Benefits For Roof Replacement

  • Lower material costs
  • Added insulation opportunities
  • Allows for roof upgrade
  • Opportunity to sell or market old roof materials
  • No additional weight added to building roof design